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Here Goes Another One

I recently teased at how I might have some more coffee on the way. Well, it was true haha. A new coffee has arrived and it's pretty sweet. Now, if you know me personally you know that I'm always keen to what Cat & Cloud is up to. How can you not? If there is going to be a company I buy coffee from in times like these, it'll be C & C.

I haven't written a piece on Cat & Cloud before, I will soon, there's a lot of cool stories to get into but for now I'll focus on one of their coffees. To start I'll say this, Cat & Cloud sells 10oz bags. Apart from kilo and 5lb bags, the standard for them is 10oz. This is clever, and some real thought went into that decision. In a podcast episode, I can't remember which one, but in this particular episode Chris and Jared talk about the rationale behind selling 10oz bags. They explained that the 10oz bags are a little more affordable for the customer, and the smaller bag will allow for the customer to go through the coffee quick enough so it won't stale on them. If you ask me, I say that is quite genius. It's a smart, fun twist on the conventional 12oz bag move.

Looking at C & C bags, you'll see a very minimal design. If you're wondering on the logo, there's a whole other podcast episode on that. I see it as an illustration of the company's character. I won't get into it here, but it's some really cool stuff. What really pops out is the color of the bags. The sweet teal will of course be seen in any shelf any place. They're attractive, not technical, fun, and the best part is they all have great beans inside.

Pulp Natural

The specific coffee from C & C I picked out this time is their Brazil, from Fazenda Rainha in the Vale Da Grama region. A Yellow Bourbon, pulped natural processed - customary for Brazil coffees. As per the Cat & Cloud website, this coffee tastes like "straight peanut butter and jelly", which sounds very appetizing if I'm being honest. It's always treats like these that make coffee from Cat & Cloud special.


This coffee is great. As soon as you grind it if fills the room with an amazing smell, and while brewing it's a delight to stick your nose into the V60 and give it a whiff. I can't be the only one that does that, am I? This coffee has a subtle acidity that is complemented very well by a sweetness that does remind you of jelly. It's a delicate and pleasant sweetness. It's an enjoyable cup to read a book with, or write some blog posts about it. For me, it's a homey experience, since I'm familiar with C & C for years and I've visited multiple times. That adds to the fun in brewing their coffees.

Pick some coffee up from Cat & Cloud, they got many great beans on their site. You won't regret it. In the meantime, check out their podcast and YouTube channel. It's great stuff, and it'll for sure get a smile on your face.


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