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The last coffee I bought has been like no other. Quite literally. I'll sometimes buy coffee from a familiar roaster, but some other times I'll search around for a new place I want to buy coffee from. That search is usually guided by a coffee from a particular region. This time though, my search did not follow a country, or a roaster.

I wanted decaf.

Yes. I wanted decaf. You always hear the notion of decaffeinated coffee being bad, which I'm assuming stems from low-quality beans and a bad decaffeination process. I've tried decaf coffee only a few times before and I didn't think much of it. Confession: I've been on the bandwagon of thinking it's less than "regular" coffee without giving it much of a try, such bs. Turns out, a lot of people drink decaffeinated coffee. In coffee shops one of the things that's highly requested time and time again, although not as much as caramel macchiatos, is decaf coffee. Ten times out of ten the request is due to an intolerance to the side effects of caffeine, totally valid. I've never seen someone ask for decaf coffee for the pleasure of it, which now piques my mind.

So I Did

I wanted to buy a bag of decaffeinated beans to finally get the experience. To "see what's up" as I say often. I also wanted to buy coffee that I could drink well into the afternoon if I wanted to and also fall asleep at a reasonable time. Since most of us don't leave our homes often right now, I spend that time reading. Reading with a cup of coffee is a thing I do a lot. So I wanted to enjoy a warm cup of coffee with the afternoon sunlight peeking through the windows.

My usual setup: Coffee, mug, scale, V60

So I ended up at Methodical Coffee, based in Greenville, South Carolina. There is no doubt that their coffee bags are amazing, truly wonderful. The decaf coffee they have on their menu is a washed Colombian from Cauca. On the bag it is named Colombia, Cauca - EA Decaf, EA standing for Ethyl Acetate, the decaffeination process. Reading into it decaf doesn't look as bad as you might make it to be. I'm not the only one drinking decaf, as its often requested at coffee shops.


Enter Decaf

I was pretty excited when the bag from Methodical came in. Partly because it came in with two new Tim Ferriss books, but also because I knew I could try it a while later in the afternoon. I had this big anticipation for decaf, as it can be the antidote for a coffee craving at any time of the day. I really wanted it to taste incredible to satisfy the finicky palate of mine. I'm being honest when I say I was a little surprised when I first saw the beans themselves. They're this golden copper-like color, and I knew they were on the roastier side of things. They smell great, and there's nothing against more developed coffees, it just caught me off guard a little. Now I was even more excited and curious to try this coffee out. Even if it was a more developed roast and not much like the light and happy coffees that I usually drink, I was excited to try something new. I had never had a bag of decaf before, and now this meant that I could possibly drink more than one cup a day without getting the jitters.

Now the Brew

Man, I have to tell you this coffee is pretty cool. It definitely tastes better than what I expected. It cleared away any of the misconceptions or questions I had regarding decaffeinated coffee. Are they that much lower quality? Is it true, death before decaf? Haha, well I will say that this isn't the best tasting coffee I've had. That's not a bad thing, this isn't competition. But this Colombian for sure gets the pass. I enjoy drinking it and that's what matters. Also, I've had enough cups of it to say that I haven't noticed or felt any of the caffeine side-effects that one usually gets with drinking coffee. There not huge, highly-noticeable side-effects, but one does feel them. Not with this coffee. Duh, it's decaf. To me that's magic. Great tasting coffee without the bad aspect of it, the jitters? Dude I want more!

The Right Now

Scrolling through Instagram I saw Methodical has a virtual tip jar currently running. We all know how the service industry in particular has taken a hit due to the current state of the world, and coffee has not been free of that. They are also offering virtual classes if you need some coffee knowledge. I have their site hyperlinked a few sentences above.

In the End

I highly suggest you consider picking up some decaf coffee for home. I know I will in the future with my coffee pickups. I'm currently sipping on some as I write this and it's the evening, and that's awesome. Now you can have a tasty single origin in the morning and a subtle decaf blend in the afternoon if that's what you desire. Maybe you'll go full caffeine for all brews, that's awesome too. Just remember to make it fun, alright. Cheers.


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