What I'm Drinking Right Now

Expect these often, I do drink a good amount of coffee.

I've hit it out the park this year with the coffee's I've brewed at home. Especially the past two. Since being locked in, Cat & Cloud and Heart have provided the goods. From Cat & Cloud I had a Honduran from Nelin Guzman and a Costa Rican Geisha they had s limited run of, and I was drinking two-a-days while getting used to online classes. A few weeks ago I needed some more filters and I got a bundle from Heart, a 100-pack and their Kieni AA from Kenya. Since tearing open that bag and getting that amazing freshly-roasted coffee smell hit my face I knew I was in for another treat.


Now I think I got another gem on my hands. After two Central Americans and a Kenya, I wanted to take a trip around the globe and look for something in South America. I landed at Madcap's site, as I do often. The first time I ever experienced coffee not brewed as espresso was an Ethiopian from Madcap, so they kind of have a special place in my coffee heart. But hey, that's a story for another time.

I have always thought Madcap's coffee bags have an interesting eye-catching design. They're simple yet they grasp your attention and make you pick up the bag and give the coffee a whiff. Their wrap-around labeling is always colorful and will stand out in any setting you place the bag. The cloth-like textured square logo along with the colorful labeling give vibrancy and character to the otherwise black, rectangular bag. I've always liked them, so much as to have bought a pin that's a drawing of one of their bags to put on my apron.

El Gran Corazón

Maybe that's why I bought this coffee, maybe not. From San Ignacio, Peru and producer Efrain Salvador comes Corazón. His washed Yellow Caturra that placed second in Peru's first ever Cup of Excellence. I read up on Efrain's efforts to help neighboring farmers to increase quality in their farms and Madcap's relationship with him through the years. Now that's a reason to buy coffee.

What About the Brew?

Getting into the brew, I've been using my good ol' 2-cup V60. My OG. I've only brewed more coffee on an espresso machine than my V60, and it's help up well over the years. I've been brewing this coffee for a couple of days now with increasing results each time I tweak the recipe a little. For reference, I've been using a 20g dose and making 320g brews in the range of 3-3:30 minutes. Grinding between a 25-27 on the Baratza Sette 30 AP and using 202 degree water. I stir the bloom with a small Gerber spoon that's lived in the silverware drawer since my toothless days, and the "Rao" spin at draw-down.

With some slight notes of pineapple, a very pleasant sweetness, and a texture that reminds me of the beach (yes, the beach), I've been comfortably sipping while going through my new pile of books that'll fill up my bookshelf. Think of this coffee as that Pinterest picture of your dream vacation spot, and this it. I have only had one other Peruvian before, and it wasn't my favorite. At this point, almost every specialty bean out there is great. Delicious in fact. So my goal now is to browse and pick out which coffee's will help create that new layer of connection with a certain origin or roaster, and I think that just happened with Efrain's coffee and Madcap's offerings.

So while I still have most of the bag to go, maybe pick it up, give it a try, and experience what San Ignacio's coffee has to offer. You'll be surprised, and just know, it's quite fun.


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