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Greetings Web! Here's what to expect.

Expect a lot of coffee, decaf? Sure. Stories, sick pictures, guides. Videos... Who knows? A coloring book? Hey, why not?

Why I'm Here

Staying at home for two month isn't the most fun thing I've done, but if it can help play my part in returning things to normal, I'll take it. Why not create a website in the meantime? I have been thinking about ways to share all there is to share about specialty coffee and this is it. Mostly by my writing and my brother's pictures, my goal is to provide a real take and paint a picture about what it is that makes coffee specialty.

It's Not All Coffee.

Okay okay, that may not be the case for a while. Just saying that now. If you have ever asked me anything meaningful about coffee, you know it's hard for me to stop talking about it. While coffee is cool, really cool actually, it won't be the end all be all of Kid Barista. Through coffee there is much to learn, and many places to go. So while you may see me post brew guides or coffee stories for a while, I believe that the fun is in the journey. What we are living through now shows us we can't expect the future to pan out exactly how we want it to, that is what makes a journey worth starting. So as coffee is awesome to write about, there are many things to tap into and explore. Besides, life is really fun and why not share that in your own platform?

I'm Glad You Are Here

On my most recent job interview I explained how meeting people is my favorite part of specialty coffee. People make coffee great, without people there isn't anything, we all know that. But the characters and personalities that I've come across, those I've been fortunate to meet, and the people I've befriended over coffee is what makes stepping behind the bar special. It's what makes rising before the sun and pre-made breakfast put a smile on my face because I know we've all been through it. The end that makes walking, driving, and biking miles to justify that mean. It's what made me want to create website, haha. So I'll try my best to show you the incredible people that make specialty coffee what it is, and make a place for us to gather and share what it is we love about coffee.

Thanks for coming in!


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