Two Coffee Podcasts

A Short Piece on Two Coffee Podcasts Worth Checking Out

If you are a frequent listener of podcasts, then I got two more for you to start listening to. Yes, they are on the coffee side but they are still entertaining and you'll get a lot of value out of them. I've been following both for years now and since the beginning I've been a fan. Better yet, their content has greatly improved since, making for even better listens.

Cat & Cloud Podcast

What used to be called Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast since it's beginning is now Cat & Cloud Podcast. The re-brand came in 2019 as Cat & Cloud took the next exit on podcast highway and redirected it to focus more on topics of business, leadership, mentoring, culture, while still stopping along the way for the coffee content we all love. This re-brand started hot with guests Matt D'Avella, Alex Banayan, and Guy Kawasaki in quick succession. Cat & Cloud Podcast is 5 years strong and still going. Here's a pro-tip, their earliest episodes are some of their best in my opinion. And while their topics don't focus on coffee as they used to in years prior, the insights and opinions Chris, Carol, and Jared share are as valuable as they come. I'll link one of my favorite episodes for you to listen.

Keys to the Shop

Here's one great coffee-educational podcast for you to enjoy. Three years strong and KTTS has become a favorite among the coffee community for its episodes that dive into many topics in coffee. Hosted by Chris Deferio, Keys to the Shop interviews people from all walks of specialty coffee, each offering expertise in certain topics. Each episode adding to a great collection of educational material that you can't find with any other coffee podcast. Topics ranging from making better cold brew, marketing, equipment talk, and many more make Keys to the Shop a great podcasts to learn the in's and out's of coffee.


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