Things I'm Looking Forward To

It's been quite a while

Man, it's been some time since we've done most of the things we love doing. Rightfully so, it's safer to stay inside now, wait it out, and have fun later. But hey, it's nice to look forward to some cool stuff in the future. Here are a few things I'm looking forward to.

Cool art huh?

1. Creamy Lattes

I don't drink lattes at all, but I like making them. Making lattes all day long, especially with nice art like RJ did on the picture above, is awesome. I can't wait to make lattes, and all the other drinks, again!

2. 'Spro

Much like #1, 'spro is awesome, making it is really cool, and drinking it is amazing. Side note: When serving espresso, please, please serve a small spoon with it.

3. Visiting Coffee Shops

Not only do I enjoy making coffee where I work, and making myself and my coworkers some, but I also really enjoy going places and drinking some coffee there.

3. My Next Bag from C&C

Coffee from Cat & Cloud is always a treat, always. Maybe there's some on the way...

5. Hanging out with Coffee Peeps Again.

Coffee people are cool man, and working in a coffee shop with them is fun. My fingers are crossed we can all go back sometime soon. The picture above is part of a really cool coffee day with my dad at the first LA Coffee Festival, I'm making it a good luck charm so we can have events like that one again soon.

6. Some of these too, Why not?

I know there are many more things we all wish we could do right now, but there's always something around waiting to get picked up in the meantime. Just look and you'll find it. Meanwhile I'll keep reading up on my books and hoping we can hang around in coffee shops soon. Fingers crossed.


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