Decaf is Back

Believe it or Not, It's Back.

I have bought more decaf beans. Once again, I'm brewing decaf at home. It should be no surprise that it's from Cat & Cloud. Their decaf beans are called Friend Zone, for sure a captivating name for a bag of coffee. One would think Friend Zone is a blend since blends are usually given names, but not here. Friend Zone is a single origin Ethiopian from the Sidamo region. Much like the decaf Colombian from Methodical I wrote about recently, here too is a single origin decaffeinated.

That is the main reason why I bought a bag of Friend Zone. I wanted decaf again, and I still wanted that single origin coffee experience. What better than a natural Ethiopian? That's exactly what Friend Zone is. The C & C website promises Friend Zone has balanced low-toned flavors with a sprinkle of fruitiness. And this coffee delivers as promised. It's sweet and has a hint of fruitiness lingering in the finish. All in all it's a pleasant cup to enjoy.

With this coffee, I'm becoming little by little more familiar with decaffeinated coffee. Not that it's becoming some be-all end-all but there is a time and place for it. It's awesome to drink coffee's that taste awesome and can be drank all day long.


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