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These are some of my favorite coffee YouTube channels and videos.

Over the years I've consumed a lot of coffee information through YouTube. As is customary if you're starting out on a new hobby, YouTube is usually the first place you go for information. I've seen pretty much all; old, grainy videos, TED Talks about anything coffee related, hour-long lectures, and any brew guide that is available. Here's a short list of my favorites.

James Hoffman

If you're really into coffee then you know who this is. A sophisticated character in the coffee world who is growing his channel really quickly, James in nearing half a million subscribers. His experience and position in the coffee industry gives his voice credibility and his videos are really well produced, they're a joy to watch. From outlandish product reviews to coffee science, his videos always showcase his insight and he usually takes his camera on trips abroad. This channel is a must watch if you're into coffee. You'll learn much and have a few laughs too.


Much like James, if you know coffee, you know about Chris Baca. Chris is as OG in specialty coffee as they come. Back in 2017-2018 Chris was into a groove posting a video every Monday that had me excited to get home from school to watch it first-thing. Taking a look into his channel, Chris has a wide variety of coffee content. From brew guides, collection, videos, culture talks, vlogs, and his more recent business and leadership teachings, Chris' channel takes you around SCA through the beginnings of Cat & Cloud. Not to mention I happen to be in one of them. Chris' videos also have stellar production, which says a lot since all his videos are from a one-man team. Quick cuts and with just the right amount of coffee, Chris' videos are as entertaining as it gets. Chris' videos have been my favorite for years now.

Cat & Cloud Coffee

By this point this shouldn't be a surprise. Cat & Cloud's YouTube channel is fun, showing glimpses of the company's day-to-day. Some videos are really fun to watch, while others are more informative and detail one of their coffee's or a coffee topic. They're all relatively short and I highly suggest you take a peek at them.

European Coffee Trip

I've been watching European Coffee Trip for years now, if you remember I've mentioned them before, and I've always been glued to their videos. They're fun to watch, entertaining, and their brew guides always have something up their sleeve. One thing ECT's videos does that's spectacular is their city coffee guides. They have many videos in which they visit European cities and crawl around their coffee scene. The Aeropress Movie had these guys behind it and it's also a fun watch.

Now here are some of my favorite standalone videos that I've enjoyed:

How to Brew Coffee in a Hario V60 (Stumptown Coffee Roasters)

Battle of the Baristas: Inside the 2015 U.S. Coffee Championships - Zagat Documentaries, Episode 16 (ZAGAT)

World Barista Championship 2015 : CHARLES BABINSKI, Go Get Em (Aor Suay)

I hope you enjoy these YouTube channels and videos as much as I did, I know for me much of them piqued my curiosity, taught me something new, and provided great entertainment.


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