Hi! My name is Adrian, but around coffee my friends know me as Kid Barista.

Whether "Kid", "The Kid" or "Kid Baristaaa!" The name started back in 2015, when I was first getting a start in coffee. Using the internet I began to discover specialty coffee outside my home city and I called myself @Kid_Barista1 on Instagram, back when I could make a case for being a kid. I did not think too much of the name, but over time Kid Barista has grown to mean much more to me than an Instagram handle or a catchy nickname. 


Fast forward five years into college, I am launching this website as both a creative project and my way of sharing the great things specialty coffee has taught me. From the experiences I've lived, thoughts of my own, and all the wonderful people that make specialty coffee special this is my contribution to grow our industry.


So if you are here, grab a brew, kick your shoes off, join me as I dive into the blog world. 

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